Get My Look: Quick Daily Makeup


Some days I need something a little more than mascara but less than full on photoshoot makeup- I have a quick go-to makeup look for those days that tons of you have asked me about. It’s perfect because you look put together but not overdone. Before I begin, I start with my skincare routine. It’s super simple & I think you’ll love it:

  1. Tinted Sunscreen I love this one because it already has your sunscreen in it, so there’s no need to apply beforehand. When I use this, I don’t apply anything to my face under it as I’ve found some things keep it from going on smoothly, especially if they contain silicones.
  2. Bronzer on my cheekbones, sides of nose, edge of forehead, and jawline. (I alternate between this Nars bronzer in “Casino” and the other one previously linked.)
  3. Brow touch up with my favorite pomade . I use ebony because I have naturally super dark brown brows. My brows have been micro bladed so I just use this to fill in the ends a bit more so they’re darker. I use this brush to apply the pomade and it really does make a huge difference.
  4. Now for my tried & true mascara routine… I use this lash primer before applying my favorite mascara.  Make sure you apply your mascara one eye at the time and don’t let it dry between coats.
  5. I swear by this lip liner in “Oak”. If you’ve watched my video on my go-to nude lip, you know that. After lining my lips, I apply this gloss in “C-Thru” and then I’m set!

It’s seriously only five steps but makes a huge difference in looking like you just rolled out of bed or like you actually have your $#!t together.

Give it a try and be sure to tag me in your photo! Don’t forget to join my ladies-only Facebook group!

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