Life Hack: No More Razor Bumps

Being in gym shorts, leggings, bikinis, or lingerie for photoshoots constantly- smooth legs are a must. I wish I could say I’m one of those girls with fine blonde hair that you can’t see, but that just isn’t my reality. My hair is coarse, black, and grows faster than South Alabama grass (which is really fast). Having to shave almost daily, I’ve perfected my shaving routine so that I NEVER get razor bumps.

  1. It all starts with a good razor. I swear by this subscription service that sends me a pack of 4 blades every month for only $9. I change the blades weekly so that I never shave with a dull blade.
  2. Prepping your skin is the most important step of my shave routine. I use this scrub before I shave my legs, bikini area, or underarms.
  3. I swear by this shave cream. Make sure you wash your blade off in between strokes because it will build up if not.
  4. After shaving your lady bits and what not, put deodorant (I use this one ) on your bikini area. It’ll prevent razor bumps, keep your skin smooth, and actually prevents my hair from growing back as quickly.
  5. Once you’ve done all of the above, put this heavenly butter all over. WARNING: Your dogs will want to lick it all off. 
  6. If you need to add a little extra color, use this bronzing elixir . (Skip the butter if you plan on applying the bronzer.) I use this on my legs and arms when I need a gorgeous glow. You can read here how I incorporate it into my makeup looks as well.

Bonus Hack: I’ve got thick thighs that rub together so bad they could probably start a fire. Chafing is the WORST so you know I’ve got you covered. Grab this and keep it in your purse. I put it on anytime my thighs aren’t covered and it keeps me from getting the oh-so-annoying heat rash. You’re welcome. 

Happy Shaving.

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