New Skincare Routine

Every so often, I completely reset my skincare routine. It was time. I’ve shortened my routine but boosted it, big time. If you’ve not already read about my skin type, and why I’m obsessed with skincare, be sure to checkout my previous skincare blog post.


  1. Cleanser
  2. Peel Pads
  3. Booster mixed with Vitamin C Serum
  4. If you want to splurge on a REALLY good face serum, my aesthetician recommended this one to use instead of the one above. (Update- I switched to the more expensive serum & it’s worth every penny.)
  5. Sunscreen  (If you’re in Dothan, it can be purchased at Aesthetiko Spa)


  1. Cleanser
  2. Night Serum followed by this oil which is antibacterial, anti fungal, hydrating, & just amazing.
  3. Lash Growth Serum then wait 5 minutes and apply Eye Cream (If you aren’t applying your eye serum to your lips, you are MISSING OUT.)

Spa/Medical Procedures:

  1. When I’m in LA, I always have to see Natalie! (She’s the one who made the recommendations for my new skincare routine!) Read this post for details on what she does to my skin.
  2. Facial including derma-planing with Kat at Aesthetiko Spa once per month
  3. 20 units of botox in forehead every 90 days (for prevention) with Dr. Walding at Southern Institute of Plastic Surgery
  4. 1/2 syringe of Juvaderm in lips every 12 months
  5. Liplase with Leslie to boost collagen in lips (Done in 4 bi-weekly treatments 1-2x per year depending on desired results.)
  6. Laser peel with Leslie to remove discoloration from Summer sun & laser hair removal because nobody wants to have to shave all the time.

Make sure to pair your skincare routine with my shaving tips to prevent razor bumps if you’re not opting for laser hair removal!

I was not paid to promote any products in this post nor did I receive any for free.

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