Bullymake Box Review

Since you’re on my blog, I’m sure you know we have 7 dogs. Yes, S-E-V-E-N. Does that make me crazy? Maybe so. I’m basically Snow White but with rescue dogs instead of dwarfs. With four pitbulls and three weenie dogs, toys that can’t be destroyed are hard to come by.

Here comes the fairy godmother of dog toy boxes to solve your toy destruction problems- Bullymake Box. 


You may think bully breeds are the most powerful chewers, not once you’ve met my weenies! We got this box in September and the toys are STILL in one piece. I’m impressed. Not only does the box come with toys, it has treats that the dogs LOVE! In your box you’ll have 2-3 “extremely rough & tough chew toys” along with 3-4 yummy bags of treats. I can’t find all of that for $39 anywhere else! We also love that all of their products are designed and manufactured here in the United States. Me and the pack highly recommend signing your pups up for a Bullymake Box!


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