Sleepy Potion

I’m a lover of creating potions & concoctions. I have one for just about everything: sleeping, starting your day, & getting a bit tipsy. Today we are starting with the sleepy potion, because I’m not the Saje you all know if I get less than 8 (preferably 9-10) hours every night.

Obviously, I’m not going to give you a concoction that puts you out and leaves you groggy the next day- that would defeat the purpose. My potion has ingredients that may help with soooo many things without leaving you feeling like you were drugged when you wake up (you’ll probably feel better than you did when you fell asleep):

  • falling asleep easier
  • staying asleep longer
  • reduce bloating
  • help with digestive regularity
  • relieves muscle soreness
  • lessens anxiety
  • helps fight depression
  • reduces inflammation
  • prevents migraines
  • reduces insulin resistance
  • helps improve PMS symptoms
  • hydrates your body
  • reduces symptoms of a hangover

Sounds magical, right?
It is (& no, I’m not bullshitting you or trying to get you to buy a product from a MLM.)

Now you want to know what’s in it, don’t cha?
You can mix these in any order in any shaker cup you choose. (This is my favorite. I probably have 10.) I mix mine in around 6-8oz of water but you can mix in up to 12oz, depending on how you like yours. I use this handy little container when I’m traveling because I hate carrying around full size jars. I drink mine about an hour before bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

  1. Half a scoop of this. Use the code SAJE for free shipping.
  2. One full pack of this. I love the packets because they’re SO ease to bring when traveling. My mom started giving me this every night over 15 years ago- You know that means it’s really good.
  3. Add one packet of this if it’s cold season, starting a few days before traveling by plane, or if you start feeling sick.
  4. I also use one scoop of this, especially if I’ve been drinking or extremely sweaty. Don’t forget to use the code SAJE for this one as well.
  5. Now drop this under your tongue & hold for 30 seconds while you mix your drink. Use the code SAJE10 for 10% off.

Once you try it, you HAVE to tell me how much you love it in my ladies-only Facebook group. Don’t forget to read about my morning potion, too!

Exercising regularly helps with sleep as well! Ladies, sign up for my online fitness group for only $19.99 if you want 5 workouts per week that can be done from home or the gym in 30 minutes or less! Message me on Facebook or Instagram for more details or with any questions.

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