Must Have Skincare for Traveling

You’re on my blog which means you’ve probably realized I’m obsessed with skincare, potions, and serums. I travel back & forth from LA to AL A LOT. I can’t let constant travel upset my skincare routine so there are a few products I keep on hand when traveling to make sure my skin stays plump, clear, hydrated, and not puffy (because nobody can rock a puffy face). Not only will you want to grab the products below, you’ll need to drink a minimum of 64 oz of water every day- I drink closer to 100.

  1. De-puffing eye gel– this one is a LIFE CHANGER. I got it in a sample size at Sephora and immediately fell in love. When you’re traveling you have enough baggage, and don’t need any extra under your eyes.
  2. Pore Perfecting Exfoliator As soon as you get where you’re going, exfoliate babe! Your makeup will go on ridiculously smooth and you’ll be obsessed with how clear your skin is after getting all of the gunk off.
  3. Hydrating Carboxy Treatment Mask I use one of these monthly to keep my skin looking like it did when I was 8. You’re going to be obsessed. Oh- AND they have one for you V (yep, vagina). It’s magical. We talk about it in my ladies-only Facebook group. (The photo above is me with the face mask on!)
  4. Moisturizer Dry skin is a huge no-no. I use this moisturizer every night when I’m in LA, because of the dryer climate. When your skin is lacking moisture, you’ll look older than you are and lack that glow everyone desires. There’s a reason people with oily skin have less wrinkles.
  5. Morning Face Oil This one is a splurge but worth every penny if you want to keep your skin hydrated, skin tone even, prevent and clear breakouts, help rosacea, and reduce inflammation.
  6. Lip Gloss Obviously nobody wants chapped lips. I love that this one is not sticky at all & gives a little bit of color.
  7. Face Oil for Flight I hate feeling like my face is dry during a long flight because you look so tired once you land. I put this face oil on over my morning face oil when I’m flying to keep my skin hydrated.

Ok, so did you get that HYDRATION is key? I’m not afraid to spend money on skincare because I know that prevention now is cheaper than trying to fix it later- and who doesn’t want to take care of their skin?
Make sure you join my Facebook group so you can tell me how much you love these products once you try them. The photo below is me (unedited & unfiltered) after a red-eye & being up for over 24 hours straight… proof is in the pudding! I have a new Instagram account, so be sure to follow me!

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