Summer Skincare Essentials

There’s one thing you know about me if you follow my social media- I live for sunshine & being in it; but, I’m also crazy about skincare.
Is the Sun going to ruin my skin and make me look 90 at 30? Nope. Why? Genetics and skincare.
I have a lot of Native American in my family so I’m naturally tan, have olive skin, and don’t burn.
Please remember that your skin might be different than mine and always do what is best for your skin type. (I do have crazy sensitive skin so I’m very picky about what products I use and you’ll never find anything on my blog that has parabens or anything that isn’t safe for sensitive skin.) I’m sharing all of my summer skincare essentials and I hope you love them as much as I do!

If you’ve not already read my blog on how to prevent razor bumps, that’s one you’ll want to check out for bikini season, too! Make sure you join my FREE ladies-only Facebook group for more recommendations and an amazing group where women support each other!

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